Incredible Areca Palm Benefits That Make Your Jaw Drop

9 Incredible Areca Palm Benefits That Make Your Jaw Drop

Areca Palm is an adorable interior palm tree. Other common names of this plant include Butterfly Palm, Bamboo plam, Yellow Palm, and Golden Cane. Areca Palm is also occasionally referred to as Dypsis lutescens or Areca lutescens. It is one of the best plants for air purification. It also adds a soothing tropical vibe to your home or office while acting as a natural humidifier.

Areca palm benefits are numerous. Due to the numerous physical and emotional advantages of Areca Palm, this article will review a few of the most significant Bamboo Palm benefits.

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    About Areca palm

    The areca palm, a member of the palm family (Arecaceae), is native to Madagascar’s tropical regions and can grow as tall as 33 feet (ten meters). This evergreen plant produces light yellow blooms and golden yellow fruit, earning it the names “yellow palm” and “golden cane palm.” However, as a houseplant, the areca palm rarely blooms and does not become much taller than three meters. 

    Its upward-stretching, fountain-shaped structure, and evergreen leaves are very alluring. It is particularly well-liked in offices since it is also well-known to produce plenty of oxygen and thoroughly filter the air [1].

    bamboo palm benefits

    Areca palm Benefits (Bamboo plam Benefits)

    The areca palm is one of the most common indoor palms grown as houseplants. They are pretty simple to grow, offer a warm tropical feel to any interior area, and are gorgeous to look at. Areca palms additionally provide a variety of unexpected uses and advantages. Here are some of the most significant Areca palm benefits:

    Air purification

    One of the fantastic areca palm benefits is that they are considered as a natural air filter. The air within your house can be cleaned with the aid of this plant. Areca also releases more oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. The amount of oxygen within a room can be increased by two areca palms in a 100-square-foot area.

    According to NASA’s clean air study, Areca palms actively remove airborne contaminants, including formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, from the air. This plant makes the air considerably safer and healthier for you by cleaning the air inside your home of pollutants and pollution.

    areca palm in nature

    Source: Forest and Kim Starr

    Safe for pets

    Maintaining a secure atmosphere for pets inside the home is essential; therefore, you should pick houseplants that are suitable for your pets.

    Areca palm is one of the most pet-friendly plants for homes, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), as it is non-toxic to cats, dogs, and horses.


    Bamboo palms require little upkeep and are simple to look after. Making sure your plant has enough water, is potted in a container, and is in soil that drains well while holding some moisture are the main factors to consider when maintaining areca palms.

    Bright indirect light is ideal for areca palms. The key to growing an areca palm successfully is to water it correctly; the soil must be moist but not damp. Areca palms enjoy humidity, so water the leaves occasionally or place them on a tray of wet pebbles [2].

    areca palm

    Source: Dimitrio Lewis

    Natural humidifier

    One of the biggest wintertime causes of sinus infections and sore throats is dry air. To add moisture to the air, you can use a mechanical humidifier, but you can also buy indoor plants.

    Put a few areca palms inside a room to increase the humidity. These palms eliminate chemical pollutants from the air and discharge large amounts of water. They routinely rank among the top houseplants for removing indoor pollutants.

    According to B. C. Wolverton, author of How To Grow Fresh Air, a six-foot (1.8 m) areca palm transpires about one quart (one liter) of water daily.

    Stress reduction

    Another benefit of the Bamboo palm is that it can boost happiness and productivity by lowering stress, exhaustion, and depressive symptoms.

    One study found that houseplants like areca palms can help people feel more comfortable and relaxed.

    areca palm fruits

    Areca palm fruits – source: Johanne Almarez

    Feng Shui plant

    As long as you take good care of plants, most of them are suitable for feng shui. The best plants often have soft, rounded leaves because they encourage a calming, nurturing vibe.

    An areca palm is one of the best plants to have in your home while practicing feng shui. The areca palm’s evergreen foliage is a significant factor in why it is frequently employed for feng shui purposes. It is well recognized for drawing in and spreading positive energy. Additionally, it promotes residents’ prosperity and peace [3 ,4]. 

    Easy propagation

    You can maximize the benefits of areca palms by propagating them. You can grow an areca palm from seed or by dividing an existing one. The quickest and easiest method to grow new Areca Palms is to use the division technique. The areca palm seeds take around four weeks to germinate and many years to reach a height of 3–4 feet [5].

    areca palm benefits


    One of the best plants for allergy sufferers is the areca palm. They have lower pollen counts, which will probably not cause any allergy problems. By raising the humidity, they also aid in reducing the pollen content of your interior air by causing allergens to drop to the ground more quickly.

    Aesthetic appeal

    Apart from the Areca palm benefits, this plant is a stunning houseplant thanks to its lush, luxuriant, and vividly green palm fronds.

    They are not only lovely but simply amazing in size. When properly cared for, indoor Bamboo palm plants can mature to a height of five to eight feet and grow up to six to ten inches yearly.

    Areca palms are also excellent for bringing life to a cold spot in your home or establishing a striking focal point in a spacious but barren entrance.

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