Amazing Kalanchoe Plant Benefits That Make Your Jaw Drop

7 Amazing Kalanchoe Plant Benefits That Make Your Jaw Drop

Popular succulent kalanchoe, also known as Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, is renowned for its attractive foliage and long-lasting blossoms. They are also known as widow’s thrill and flaming Katy. Their colourful blossoms, which come in shades of red, magenta, yellow, orange, and white, make them popular indoor plants.

Kalanchoe plants require relatively little upkeep. They are frequently given as gifts and are easily accessible everywhere in supermarkets, garden centers, and florists. In addition to being simple to maintain, Kalanchoe plants have many advantages. This article will review a few of the most significant Kalanchoe plant benefits.

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    pink kalanchoe flowers

    About Kalanchoe plant

    The genus Kalanchoe includes more than 100 species. The most famous species is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, also known as kalanchoe.

    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is native to Madagascar and closely linked to the jade plant. It is a perennial  succulent with umbels of flower clusters that rise above the foliage and scallop-shaped leaves.

    Kalanchoe plant has an exceptionally long blooming period. Its blossoms can last up to eight weeks. Kalanchoe is a well-liked, simple-to-grow houseplant that does well in dry environments. Growing kalanchoe is popular because it requires little maintenance, has intriguing leaves, and produces flowers that bloom regularly with proper light exposure management [1].

    Notice: According to ASPCA, all plant parts are toxic to cats and dogs.

    choosing kalanchoe plant

    Kalanchoe plant benefits

    Kalanchoe plants provide many advantages beyond their aesthetic appeal. The following are some of the most significant Kalanchoe plant benefits:

    Air purification

    Kalanchoe plants are natural air purifiers. They discharge water into the atmosphere while removing impurities or volatile chemical molecules (VOC). The water discharge can increase the humidity of indoor air. This increase in humidity can reduce dry throat and nasal passages and also prevent dry skin [2,3].


    Kalanchoes are low maintenance and require little maintenance. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to overwater them. You should only water the plant when the soil top is dry. Make sure that excess water can drain away.

    blooming Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

    Easy propagation

    Kalanchoes can be easily propagated via leaf or stem cuttings. To propagate this plant, all you need to do is cut stems that are a few inches long and have two leaves or more. Allow the cuttings to dry out for a few days and then plant the cuttings.

    Remember that spring or summer are the optimal seasons for kalanchoe propagation. It usually will not have any blossoms at this period, indicating that it is saving energy for the upcoming bloom[4].

    transplanting kalanchoe plant

    A Feng Shui plant

    We all strive for harmony and balance in our lives, while it is frequently difficult to achieve it in our job or personal lives. By using the Feng Shui principles, we may have harmony and balance in our home or office. Plants are one of the best items for provideing harmony at home.

    Plants improve air quality and give life to our little living spaces. If positioned correctly in the home, plants like kalanchoe can enhance the harmony of light and color, as well as bring luck and productivity into our lives.

    According to Feng Shui, you should put the kalanchoe plant either in your office or working space or in the entrance hall of your home (near your door). As long as the vivid red (or purple) hues of Kalanchoe flowers do not adversely affect the living room’s color scheme, the living room can also serve as a placement option. The restroom and bedroom are not good places for kalanchoes [5].

    kalanchoe plants as a gift

    A wonderful gift

    Kalanchoe is a low-maintenance plant. In addition, beautiful leaves and nearly every color of the rainbow can be found in the blossoms of this lovely plant. Because of these characteristics, kalanchoe is now a well-liked gift plant.

    Flowering Kalanchoe comes in red, pink, yellow, white, and orange hues and blooms for at least eight weeks. Reblooming this gorgeous plant indoors is not difficult. Kalanchoe is a short-day plant that, in order to produce flower buds, needs darkness for 16 hours every day for around three months.

    Stress reduction 

    Studies have shown that those who work near plants have lower stress and anxiety levels. Placing tiny, vibrant plants like kalanchoe in workplaces and offices has been demonstrated to improve employees’ mental health [6].

    kalanchoe plant benefits

    Medicinal properties

    Kalanchoe has several medicinal benefits that help in the treatment of numerous ailments. Here are eight of the most surprising kalanchoe leaves health benefits [7]:

    1) Gastroprotective Characteristics

    Historically, the leaves of the kalanchoe plant were used to alleviate digestive issues. For instance, it can treat gastritis, an ulcer stomach, and inflammation.

    2 ) Relieves Headache

    Another Kalanchoe plant benefit is that it can be used for relieving headaches. One of the most organic and safest extracts is that made from Kalanchoe pinnata leaves.

    Kalanchoe leaves can be warmed and applied to the forehead for ten minutes. Alternatively, after boiling it, you can also squeeze the juice from it and then rub it. It will lessen the pain. This is one of the oldest headache treatments in Africa.

    orange kalanchoe flowers

    3) Anti-Asthmatic Properties

    It has also been demonstrated that this enchanted plant can help with some respiratory illnesses. Juice from kalanchoe leaves displayed anti-allergic, antihistamine, and anti-asthmatic properties.

    This juice makes it a terrific sedative for asthma and palpitations, as well as an excellent treatment for a persistent cough.

    4) Wound Healing

    One of Ethiopia’s oldest practices for treating wounds is kalanchoe. Quercetin, the main flavonoid present in this plant’s leaves, has been shown by researchers to be crucial for wound healing.

    Interestingly, when administered to wounds, the plant extract causes smooth re-epithelialization and denser collagen fibers.

    Re-epithelialization is the process of creating and solidifying new skin epithelium for efficient wound healing.

    kalanchoe blossfeldiana flowers

    5) Muscle Relaxant

    Antioxidants found in kalanchoe leaves can aid in alleviating muscle discomfort. Additionally, the muscular repair process is greatly aided by its anti-inflammatory effects.

    6) Relieve Foot Soreness

    Foot pain can be effectively treated by warming and soaking kalanchoe leaves in hot water. It will work its magic to reduce weariness if you rest your feet there for a few hours. It will also attempt to eradicate any potential fungi infections. 

    close up of kalanchoe plant

    7) Skincare

    Due to numerous kalanchoe plant benefits, its extract is well-liked in cosmetics. It is utilized in products for:

    • Anti-Aging

    Kalanchoe extract’s components stimulate the emergence of dense collagen fibers. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines decrease, and skin looks significantly smoother while maintaining its elasticity.

    • Sunburns

    For both preventing and treating sunburns, kalanchoe offers the perfect blend of ingredients. It contains a lot of antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and E, which, when combined, create a strong barrier against ultraviolet rays.

    If the harm has already been done, the pain-relieving effects of the anti-inflammatory qualities will take over. Additionally, it can stop sunburn from growing worse or from continuing till it starts to peel.

    • Acne 

    Skin irritation, which can manifest as redness and swelling, is frequently present in acne cases.

    Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, which is abundant in the lovely leaves of kalanchoe, is a wonderful drug for curing acne.

    kalanchoe with bright orange flowers

    8) Anti-Diabetic

    Streptozocin and postprandial diabetes blood glucose levels have been demonstrated to be decreased by kalanchoe extract.

    Additionally, it helps to regulate the levels of other substances linked to diabetes and promotes insulin secretion.

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