Astonishing Money Plant Benefits (Pothos Plant)

11 Astonishing Money Plant Benefits (Pothos Plant)

One of the most common plants in houses is the money plant (Epipremnum aureum). They might be among the simplest indoor plants to grow. They thrive in both direct and indirect sunlight and have high survival rates. Money plants are known by their common names: Pothos, Golden Pothos, Ceylon Creeper, and Devil’s Ivy.

Money plants are reputed to bring wealth and luck to the home. They not only add beauty to a space but also spread happiness. Due to the numerous physical and emotional advantages of pothos, this article will review a few of the most significant money plant benefits.

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    About money plant

    Money plant is indigenous to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. Pothos can occasionally be variegated with white, yellow, or light green striations. It grows swiftly, frequently gaining between 12 and 18 inches in length in a month, and is a great indoor plant all year round.

    epipremnum aureum plant

    Why is pothos called a money plant?

    This plant is nicknamed the money plant because of its flat, rounded, and square leaves, which could resemble coins with a bit of imagination.

    The origin of the money plant is also the subject of a well-known tale about a poor Taiwanese man. He prayed to God for relief from his financial Issues. He eventually discovered a plant in his garden that he thought would solve all of his issues. That plant produced seeds, nuts, and additional plants as a consequence of his prayers. He sold the plants and resolved his financial problems [1].

    money and plants

    Money plant benefits

    Money plant benefits are numerous. They provide countless advantages for both mental and physical wellness. Here are some of the most important pothos plant benefits:

    Air purification

    The fact that the money plant is regarded as a natural air filter is just one of the incredible money pant benefits. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, some indoor plants, such as the money plant, may be able to offer a natural means of eliminating pollutants. Therefore, maintaining a money plant in your home keeps it fresh and tidy.

    Even at night, money plants continue to create oxygen, in contrast to the majority of other plants, which produce carbon dioxide [2]. This plant can eliminate dangerous air pollutants like carbon monoxide, xylene, benzene, and toluene. It also gets rid of airborne toxins and dangerous chemicals.

    golden pothos benefits


    The upkeep of a pothos is quite simple. These plants thrive in a variety of settings. They can be cultivated in dry soil or water-filled containers and thrive in both low and bright indirect light. They perform well in nutrient-poor soil as they do in nutrient-rich soil.

    Pothos do well in various lighting settings but do not like direct sunshine. As they can thrive in low light, money plants are an excellent addition to your bathroom or office.

    Pothos plant that is highly variegated, especially one that is variegated with white, may not grow well or lose its variegation in low light conditions. Only the green portions of the leaves can provide energy for the plant. Thus, the leaves will turn an even darker shade of green to compensate for the lack of light.

    Cleaning aquarium water

    You may grow the money plant in an aquarium instead of a pot by placing the roots inside and the leaves on top of the tank.

    Money plants can eliminate nitrate from aquarium water, which prolongs fish survival. Additionally, it maintains the pH level of the water and stops algae formation in water.


    Easy propagation

    Money plant benefits can be multiplied by propagating them. It’s simple to grow pothos plants from cuttings. You only need to follow a few of the steps outlined below to multiply this plant:

    For your pothos cuttings, trim off 4-to-6-inch (10–15 cm) lengths of the healthy stem, ensuring each cutting has four or more leaves. The leaf nearest to the cut end should be removed.

    Use a used jelly jar or piece of glass to root pothos. Place the pothos cuttings container in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight. A month later, the roots begin to show.

    Be careful—money plant cuttings have a more challenging time adjusting to soil the longer they are immersed in water. Transfer pothos cuttings to the soil as soon as they root.


    Good for feng shui

    The five leaves on each branch of the money plant stand for the five Feng Shui elements of earth, water, fire, metal, and wood. These elements have the power to attract wealth into one’s life.

    According to Feng Shui, Money plants in the home can aid in attracting prosperity and stable finances. A money plant is also said to provide financial prosperity and promising employment opportunities in a workspace

    girl holding pothos cuttings

    Reducing stress and anxiety

    Another Epipremnum aureum benefit is that it aids in lowering stress and anxiety, which promotes restful sleep.

    According to Studiesregularly observing and engaging with indoor plants might help lessen stress and anxiety. It has been discovered that interacting with plants might lower stress. Most individuals reported that the plants enhanced their sense of comfort and tranquility.

    According to a different study, older adults may also benefit from seeing a money plant. They concluded that watching a money plant for five minutes can help elderly persons relax psychologically and physically.


    Some people think that having a money plant close to an electronic device, like a WiFi network or computer, will enable it to absorb dangerous radiation emitted by these devices. Money plants may be able to shield humans from the radiation from such devices, but there is no firm scientific evidence to support this claim.

    spray and money plant leaves

    Strengthening relationships

    Another amusing money plant benefit is that it can improve inter-house relations! However, there is no scientific proof for this pothos benefit. It is believed that the happy atmosphere a money plant can foster will be advantageous to marriages and other relationships within the household.

    Aesthetic appeal

    The money plant is one of the most exquisite indoor plants that adds aesthetic appeal to your living area. You can grow money plants in hanging pots or close to your window.

     Heart-shaped leaves in a green and pale-yellow mix look great as wall accents. Additionally, the beauty and freshness of this adorable plant will make you feel near to nature. 

     pothos plant benefits

    Perfect for gifting

    Money plants make excellent gifts for friends. They stand for prosperity and fortune. This is why money plants are also presented as gifts in the hope that they will bring their recipients luck and wealth.

    It is simple to propagate pothos plants. As a result, you may give your friend a wonderful gift while keeping your expenses low. All you need to do is to take a few cuttings from a plant you already own and adore, propagate them, and give your friend the sprouted rooted plants so they may plant them in their own garden.

    Giving the plant in a Mason jar with some festive ribbon can keep costs down, but if you want to go above and beyond, you can purchase a unique vase.

    money plant benefits

    Allergy-friendly plant

    Last but not least, a money plant’s hypoallergenic nature is another perk. Pothos can assist you in reducing your exposure to allergens and cleaning the air in your house. This plant is an ideal option for those who struggle with asthma or allergies.

    If you have any experience regarding this topic, please share your experiences and views in the comments section below.

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