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How To Plant The Seeds Indoor With Kids

One of the most important parts of kids’ gardening is knowing how to plant the seeds. In this article, we will discuss simple instructions for planting and growing houseplants from seed at home. By following this instruction, you can plant the seeds indoors and grow different kinds of plants at home with your kids.

Growing houseplants from seed procedure

step one

First, spread out a disposable tablecloth and place your gardening tools or the contents of a planting kit on a tablecloth. Next, pour the sterile soil into the flower pot. Lightly press the soil with your hand and leave about 1 centimeter (0.4 inches) of space between the top of the soil and the flower pot rim

pour soil in pot

step two

Sow 5 to 8 seeds ( the number of seeds depends on the diameter of the flower pot and the size of the seeds)  uniformly over the soil’s surface in each flower pot. Keep the rest of the seeds so that they may be planted later. growing houseplants from seed

sow and plant the seeds

step three

Now, take a little bit of soil and cover the seeds with a thin layer. The layer of soil should not exceed twice the diameter of the seeds. Pour water on the soil so that it is completely wet and so that water comes out from the bottom of the pot. Then, empty the water of the plant pot saucer. Then, stick the corresponding name sticker of each plant on its flowerpot. After planting the seeds, keep the flower pots in a warm place away from any sunlight.

watering and planting the seeds



Germination requires stable temperature and moisture. The ideal temperature for germination is between 22 and 25 °C (71 and 77 °F). In lower temperatures, the plants’ rate of germination decreases or even stops entirely. In this step, sunlight is not needed; therefore, keep the flower pots away from any sunlight. 

Some of the Germination times for indoor seeds are listed below:

  • Cress: 2 to 4 days
  • Radish: 2 to 4 days
  • Millet: 3 to 5 days
  • Sunflower: 4 to 7 days
  • Tomato: 6 to 9 days
  • Nasturtium: 7 to 10day


After the germination, place the pots in a sunny and warm place. To do this, you can put the pots (especially in winter) in front of a window facing south. If you do not have any windows in your home that face south, you can also put them in front of a window that faces east or west. During the summer, it is essential to remember that the plants should be placed farther away from the window due to excess sunlight (especially for south-facing windows). A distance of about 70 centimeters (27.5 inches) would be appropriate.                  

Note: To achieve better results at this stage of growing houseplants from seed, it is better to rotate the pots from time to time so that the entire plant has exposure to sunlight. The more light the sprouts get, the more they grow. If you do not have direct sunlight in your home, you can use fluorescent or plant-growing lamps.


After planting the seeds and watering the seeds properly, water the soil every other day until seed germination. After the germination, water the sprouts slowly with the watering can every day or every other day. As the plants grow, the watering interval should be shortened. Make sure to empty the plant saucer after watering the plants.

growing houseplants from seed-cress plant


You can remove the weaker sprouts from the pots and leave the strong sprouts in the pots if you like. While removing the weak sprouts, be careful not to harm the roots of the rest of the sprouts. When the plants are 10 centimeters tall or stop growing, you can transplant them to a larger pot or the garden and start using fertilizers.

Now that you have learned how to plant the seeds, it is time to start container gardening with your kids.


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