Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs

What Are Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs

Microgreens are used in foods for various reasons, including taste, beauty, and, of course, health advantages. The Health benefits of microgreens are numerous, and that is why nowadays, chefs are eager to have them in their dishes. Microgreens can be used as garnishes in salads, soups, smoothies, beverages, and sandwiches.

Chefs constantly update their menus to provide their consumers with something fresh and fascinating. Some chefs like to use a rainbow mix to make their dishes more interesting.

This article will go through the most popular microgreens for chefs.

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    Why Do Chefs Use Microgreens?

    Chefs use microgreens to add variety and interest to their dishes. A celery microgreen, for example, has a sharper, crisper flavor than its conventional equivalent.

    Chefs also use microgreens to balance the surrounding food’s flavor, texture, and color. They can enhance the appearance of a dish while also improving its taste. They can be used to lighten up a meal that appears to be overly dark or has a heavy flavor. Alternatively, they might also enhance the flavor of a lighter dish.

    microgreens for snacks

    What are the most popular microgreens for chefs?

    Chefs require a diverse range of microgreens, depending on market demand, growth cycle length, and recipe requirements.

    Some chefs need a steady supply of microgreens. As a result, microgreens with a one to two-week growing cycle, such as arugula, corn, cress, kale, radish, or sunflower, may appeal to them.

    In this section, we will go through some of the most popular microgreens for chefs worldwide. The following are some of the items on the list:

    1. Amaranth
    2. Arugula
    3. Alfalfa
    4. Radish
    5. Beetroot
    6. Popcorn 
    7. Basil
    8. Pea shoots
    9. Buckwheat
    10. Kale
    11. Sunflower
    12. Cress 
    13. cilantro

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    The earthy flavor of amaranth microgreens is similar to that of spinach but without sharpness or bitterness. The entire fresh microgreen comprises olive-green cotyledon leaves, burgundy true leaves, and bright fuchsia stems that appear gorgeous on plates.


    Arugula microgreens is a popular microgreen for chefs and home cooks with a spicy, nutty flavor that spices up most recipes. It grows fast, with an average harvest time of roughly ten days. 


    Alfalfa microgreens germinate in 1-2 days and are ready to harvest after 8 to 12 days. Their leaves are huge and deep green, with a moderate texture and flavor. They are used to add crunch to salads and sandwiches.

    Popular Microgreens For Chefs


    Radish microgreens germinate in two to three days and are ready to harvest in five to twelve days. Because of its sharpness and flavor, radish is a chef’s favorite microgreen.

    Radish microgreens go well with salads like watermelon avocado salad and as a topping on sandwiches like salmon burgers. They also go well with sushi and Asian cuisine.


    Beetroot microgreen is crunchy and tasty, with a sweet flavor. They have bi-petal green leaves with red stems, making dishes visually appealing.


    Popcorn microgreens add a slight sweetness to meals, and they go especially well with seafood. These microgreens are popular among chefs because of their size.

    microgreen salad


    Fresh basil microgreen has a strong aroma and flavor of pepper, anise, and mint and a melt-in-your-mouth feel. Fresh basil leaves are a deep green color that goes well with beans, cauliflower, and mint.

    Pea shoots

    The moderately sweet, earthy flavor of pea microgreens appeals to everyone. The texture of pea microgreen is extremely soft and buttery. They are grown sustainably to provide the most nutrients.


    buckwheat microgreen has a citrus taste with a nutty undertone. It provides most foods with a tangy flavor. It is a favorite among chefs because it is cheap and widely available.

    microgreens in salad


    Kale microgreens germinate in two to three days and are ready to harvest in eight to twelve days. These microgreens are green in color and have a flavor similar to red leaf lettuce and romaine lettuce. As a result, they are an excellent base for microgreen salads and a great addition to many smoothies.


    The flavor of sunflower microgreen is mild, yet it has a nutty undertone. These microgreens are cheap and go great with a green salad and artisan cheese. Sunflower shoots come in a variety of colors and shapes. 


    Fresh cress microgreens give culinary items a distinct flavor that is salty, peppery, and somewhat bitter. The texture is beautifully thin, with white blossoms that are very tasty. Fresh micro cress can be used in various dishes, including soups, salads, sandwiches, and more. 

    microgreens in food


    Fresh cilantro microgreen has a warm, nutty, and spicy flavour, with a hint of tangy citrus-like flavor similar to that of an orange. Others describe it as having a salty, lemony flavor or a strong sage-citrus flavor. The stem is succulent, and the light soft leaves have clipped edges. 


    In summary, this article reviewed some of the most popular microgreens for chefs.The majority of microgreens are well-liked by chefs, and it is up to the chef to pair microgreens with appropriate dishes using their culinary expertise. Some chefs prefer to use only Seasonal microgreens, while Others may use different types to make a rainbow mix to improve the aesthetic and nutritional content of a dish.

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