flower seeds to start indoors

Four Best Flower Seeds To Start Indoors

Modern life entails radically different living conditions from the past. As a result of accelerating urbanization, green spaces have increasingly been replaced with concrete and steel. The digital revolution and the spread of diseases such as the coronavirus have resulted in a situation in which people spend most of their time indoors; consequently, creating and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere at home has become a necessity. To this end, the planting and growing of various types of plants comprise a valuable and fruitful activity. Flowers have always been attractive among the numerous sorts of plants as their varied colours help make the atmosphere at home more vibrant and vivacious. flower seeds to start indoors

This article will look at four easy flower seeds to grow indoors. By knowing the best flowers to grow indoors from seed, we can begin planting flowers with our kids and enjoy gardening while remaining indoors. Finally, we can have a green and peaceful atmosphere in our house by doing so. Here are four flower seeds to start indoors:

4 best easy flower seeds to grow indoors

1) Zinnia flower 

Zinnias are one of the easiest flower seeds to grow indoors because they grow quickly and produce many flowers. Zinnia flowers may provide a tremendous burst of colour in your garden or home, so they’re a great option for anyone. Zinnias are annuals, meaning that Zinnia flowers grow in one season and eventually seed.

Zinnias are best planted from the seed. It is better to sow them directly in the garden for outdoor gardening once the danger of frost has passed. However, if you  wish to grow Zinnia in pot at home, you can use peat pots or other containers that can be put directly in the ground, as zinnias are sensitive to the transplanting process. If you do not have a peat pot, you can plant it in an ordinary pot, but be careful while transplanting it to a garden or larger container.

Zinnia flowers have wonderful flower heads on a single, tall stalk, making them an ideal candidate for a cutting flower. 

Zinnia flower - an easy flower seeds to grow indoors


How to cultivate zinnias 

Choose a suitable pot and soil, then plant 3 to 5 Zinnia seeds in it. After planting the zinnia seed, keep the pot in a warm place and water it periodically to keep the soil moist. Seedlings will appear in 4 to 7 days if everything is done correctly. From seed to flower, this flower takes about 60 to 70 days (though it depends on conditions and variety).

Notice: Appropriate soil must be chosen for all the flowers discussed in this article. When developing seedlings, use a combination of peat moss and perlite for optimal results. You will also need ordinary houseplant soil from gardening stores for mature flowers. For more information regarding the best soils for indoor gardening, read the article «Kids’ sterile Potting Soil».

2) Marigold flower– flower seeds to grow indoors

 Marigolds are also another easy flower seeds to start indoors. They are annual flowers, providing a plethora of gold, copper, and brass to gardens and containers. One of the reasons for the popularity of marigolds among gardeners is their ability to bloom for a long time.

Marigolds are real heroes in their numerous applications. These annual flower blooms have a significant odour and, since they are edible, can be used in salads. Their tendency to attract bees makes them a great companion for other plants in the garden. Finally, they are easy to grow, making them an excellent option for kids to plant and grow both indoors and outdoors.

Marigold flower- the best flowers to grow indoors from seeds


How to cultivate marigold 

Marigold seeds should be sown superficially and covered with a thin layer of soil. It is best not to plant marigolds too deep in the soil. These seeds germinate after 3 to 5 days. Seedlings can be moved to permanent flower beds 30-40 cm apart or 25 cm containers after about a month. Depending on the type, Marigold flowers in around 2-3 months after sowing the seeds.

To grow marigold inside, use appropriate soil (as mentioned in the zinnias section) and ensure the seedling is exposed to sunlight or grow lights. Do not forget to irrigate the seedling regularly.

3) Calendula flower

The calendula seed is the third plant on our list of easy flower seeds to grow indoors. An easy-care flower, calendula is also known as the pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) and, like other flowers, can be planted and cultivated indoors in a pot or container. This bright yellow and orange flower can be used in several different ways.

Calendula flowers have historically been utilized for medicinal and culinary purposes. Calendula petals are used in cooking, and they were employed in the past as a yellow colouring in cheese and butter. These flowers give many meals a spicy flavour similar to saffron and are often used in stews, broths, and salads. 

The plant is also used in a variety of cosmetics and is thought to strengthen the immune system. Calendula keeps aphids away from desirable plants in the vegetable garden. They are frost tolerant and winter hardy while offering colour and charm to a flower garden or container for a long time.

Calendula flower - best flowers to start from seed indoors



How to cultivate calendula

Calendula flower planting is similar to marigold flower planting as they are both from the same family, which means that they are also easy flower seeds to grow indoors. It takes 3 to 5 days for them to germinate. Most calendula plants bloom within two to three months following sowing. Because these plants are frequently self-seed in the garden, do not mistake the seedlings for weeds next year.

4) Nasturtium flower – flower seeds to start indoors  

Last but not least, nasturtiums are on the list of easy flower seeds to start indoors. This flower requires relatively little attention, although it is necessary to keep it watered during dry periods. Containers and window boxes work nicely for them. Their petal colours include red, yellow, and orange. Nasturtiums feature edible flowers and leaves that have a spicy flavour, making them good toppings for salads.

Nasturtium - one of best flowers to grow indoors from seeds


How to plant and grow Nasturtium

Due to their substantial size, we do not apply a large number of seeds to each pot. Plant two or three nasturtium seeds (1″ deep) in the pot and grow them under grow lights or in a sunny location, such as a south-facing window. Nasturtiums take about 10 to 12 days to germinate. Remove the weaker seedlings when they have a few sets of leaves, leaving one nasturtium plant per container. One may wonder why we would bother planting two or three seedlings if we are only going to remove the weaker one. This is mainly for insurance in the case that one of the seeds does not germinate. flower seeds to grow indoors

Attention: Feed all of the mentioned flowers regularly with fertilizer to ensure plenty of blooms. Vermicompost and npk 20-20-20 are good candidates for this purpose. To read more about different fertilizers, read the article «Best Fertilizers For Indoor Plants» On our website.

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