10 Incredible Aglaonema Plant Benefits (Chinese Evergreen)

10 Incredible Aglaonema Plant Benefits (Chinese Evergreen)

One of the most well-liked houseplants is the aglaonema plant, also known as the Chinese evergreen. Its various colors, including dark green, silver, and even red, give your home’s unique design. Chinese evergreens are wonderful interior foliage plants that can be potted and maintained year-round as they grow slowly.

These plants are worth buying since, in addition to their wonderful appearance, they have numerous advantages for your general, mental, and physical health. Due to the numerous benefits of Chinese evergreens, this article will focus on the key aglaonema plant benefits.

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    benefits of aglaonema plant

    About Aglaonema plant

    The subtropical rainforests of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are home to aglaonemas. These plants thrive in the shade provided by trees and bushes. As a result, the sun barely ever reaches them. 

    While visiting the Philippines, a Jesuit priest named Camellus first wrote about the plant in 1704. This plant belongs to the Araceae family, including about forty species. Native Aglaonemas typically stay relatively small and have variegated leaves [1].

    Apart from the gorgeous leaves, the best feature of this plant is how simple it is to maintain compared to other foliage plants. Aglaonema is resilient and patient with forgetful waterers. This makes it a genuine asset for novice plant enthusiasts. Chinese evergreen not only has gorgeous foliage but also filters the air, improving the quality of the indoor environment. 

    Chinese evergreen in pot

    Chinese evergreen benefits

    Aglaonema plant benefits are numerous, making it reasonably beneficial to grow this plant. The following are some of the most significant benefits of Chinese evergreen plants: 

    Air purification

    Aglaonema is a great air purifier and one of the best indoor plants to minimize indoor air pollution. According to a Nasa air clean study, aglaonema plant can purge the air of harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene.

    The species of aglaonema substantially influence its capacity to absorb VOCs. One well-known species, the Aglaonema Red Plant, can eliminate 14,300 micrograms of volatile organic compounds (VOC) per plant per day [2].

    Natural Humidifier

    Plants usually evaporate extra water from their leaves into the air, which helps them cool off themselves and their surroundings.

    Chinese evergreen is thought to be a natural humidifier. Its high transpiration rate will help to make the air around it more humid [3].

    Chinese evergreen benefits

    Feng shui plant

    Chinese Evergreens are an excellent addition to any homeroom for people interested in Feng Shui. These plants emit positive energy from their placement in well-lit parts of the house. They are valued in Feng Shui for their capacity to purify the air and are also connected to luck.

    But that’s not all benefits of Chinese evergreens. Like Pothos plants, aglaonemas are thought to bring financial prosperity. For more information, read the <<Money plant benefits>> article.

    Therapeutic properties 

    A stressful atmosphere may arise from “nature deprivation,” However, plants can indirectly lessen stress. Aglaonema plants have psychologically restorative effects.

    According to a recently published study, aglaonema species can be used successfully as medicine. Methanol leaf extracts of Aglaonema hookerianum is recommended as a potent source of neuro-protective and libido-boosting drug candidate.

    Chinese evergreen plants

    Stress reduction

    Another Aglaonema benefit is that it can reduce stress and tensionStudies have shown that indoor plants can lower stress and boost pleasure. In the therapeutic horticulture method, therapists utilize plants to help patients.

    Even more, benefits come from interacting with your aglaonemas, such as a sense of achievement and an uplifting mood. Simply having one or two Chinese evergreen plants in your home can positively impact your general health and happiness.

    aglaonema plant benefits


    Any species in the Aglaonema genus are easy to grow and care for. These plants do not require much care and are adaptable to many situations.

    Chinese evergreens are known to grow quite well under low lighting circumstances, despite the fact that they need bright indirect light. Although they love a moist soil mixture, they may manage without difficulty if watering is omitted. 

    They consume a lot of nutrients and need fertilizer to keep healthy. Additionally, you should not encounter too many typical aglaonema pests, diseases, or bugs. In essence, raising this well-known plant will not be too difficult for either novice or seasoned plant parents.

    aglaonema plant in pot

    Easy propagation

    Aglaonema is straightforward to propagate in water or soil via stem cuttings. The best results will be obtained through propagation carried out during the warm growing season. This is how [4]:

    Step 1: Choose a good shoot from the mother plant that you may trim for your cutting. The stem must be at least 6 inches long and have a minimum of five leaves. Older and younger shoots can both be employed for reproduction.

    Step 2: Just below a leaf node, make a diagonal cut in the shoot’s stem with a clean, sharp blade or gardening shears. Remove a few of the cutting’s bottom leaves.

    Step 3: If you want to utilize the water method, put the cutting in a glass or container that is the right size and then add water until the leaf nodes (but not the remaining leaves) are immersed.

    kid and mother holding potted aglaonema plants

    Aesthetic appeal

    Chinese Evergreens are frequently chosen for their ornamental appeal, particularly when starting a collection of indoor plants. You have a plethora of positioning options in your home with the huge leaves as they complement any interior design and come in various patterns and hues.

    Perfect For Gifting

    When considering gifts, houseplants might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but they are the ideal way to make someone smile on any occasion.

    Chinese evergreen plants are among the best plants to give as gifts. They are gorgeous and easy to care for. The leaves of aglaonema have lovely hues and subtle patterns. Although the light green varieties are the most well-known, this wonderful houseplant is also offered in silver, yellow, and red colors.

    green aglaonema leaves

    Allergy-friendly plant

    That is not all the benefits of aglaonema plant. Generally speaking, plants like aglaonema with glossy, smooth leaves will not retain any allergen particles in the air and allow them to accumulate. To avoid unintentionally causing allergies, you can add Chinese evergreen to your home [5].

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