incredible Anthurium Plant Benefits (Flamingo Lily)

8 Incredible Anthurium Plant Benefits (Flamingo Lily)

Anthurium andraeanum, or Flamingo lily, is a remarkable plant with stunning blossoms. Due to its easy maintenance requirements and prolonged flowering, this plant is an excellent choice for novice plant owners. An anthurium can provide eight weeks of enjoyment with its vibrant blossoms if you just give it around half a glass of water per week.

In addition to its gorgeous appearance and easy maintenance requirements, Anthurium has other intriguing benefits that you might not be aware of. This article will review some of the most significant Anthurium plant benefits.

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    Anthurium andraeanum plant

    About Anthurium plant

    The Caribbean, Central America, and northern South America are the natural habitats of Anthurium andraeanum. Anthuriums are good indoor plants and are more frequently kept as houseplants or in greenhouses since they have specific care requirements, even though they can be grown outside in the garden in warm climates. 

    Anthurium andraeanum is also known as the flamingo flower as they have a distinctive tropical form and vivid red, green, and white colors. Many anthuriums are climbers, requiring warmth and high humidity to flourish. A healthy anthurium can live for an average of 5 years indoors with adequate care, but you can extend the life of your plant by propagating it. Both humans and pets should avoid Anthurium [1].

    Anthurium plant benefits

    Anthurium plants provide many advantages beyond their aesthetic appeal. The following are some of the most significant flamingo lily benefits:

    flamingo lily flower


    Today, one of the most significant issues for both society and the individual level is the deterioration of the environment. According to studies, interior air is twelve times more hazardous than outdoor air.

    Today, there are several strategies to deal with interior air pollution, like utilizing an air purifier, using natural products regularly and growing indoor plants. One of the best and most affordable ways to reduce indoor air pollution is to keep air-purifying plants indoors.

    Anthurium andraeanum (Flamingo Lily) is one of the attractive air-purifying houseplants with a brightly colored leaf known as a spathe. Flamingo lily grows well in warm, humid environments. Anthurium is mentioned in NASA studies for its capacity to clean the environment of contaminants like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and ammonia.

    woman chooses anthurium plants


    One of the Anthurium plants’ benefits is that they are low maintenance and easy to care for, especially if the right conditions are given for their growth. They only require repotting every two to three years and do not require much feeding as they develop slowly.

    Anthurium plants prefer exposure to bright, indirect light and do not grow well in harsh sunshine. Most wild anthuriums grow best in temperatures of 60°F or higher.

    In their natural habitats, many anthurium plants are “epiphytic,” meaning that they develop on other plants rather than in the soil. It is advised to give your plant a stake or small trellis to climb on if it cannot support itself.

    Anthurium Plant Benefits

    A wonderful gift

    Anthuriums bloom all year long if they get adequate light. Besides a prolonged blooming period, they have exotic-looking blossoms. That is why anthuriums make excellent gifts.

    Everywhere they go, heart-shaped flowers of Anthuriums spread joy and happiness. Anthuriums are lucky plants that are said to be good for relationships. The crimson heart-shaped flower on an anthurium is associated with the strongest feelings of friendship and love, making it the most popular plant or flower to give on Valentine’s Day.

    According to ancient Greece legend, the god of love, Cupid, used the blossoms of the Anthurium to shoot his arrows and cause people to fall in love. Giving an anthurium to people demonstrates your real, lucid, and ardent friendship for them.

    transplanting red anthurium plant (1)

    Easy propagation

    Another benefit of Anthurium plants is that they can be multiplied by division, cuttings and seeds. Root propagation is the simplest method of anthurium reproduction. As long as each piece of your Anthurium has a healthy root system, you can divide it into as many plants as you want. For the best results, it is better to divide up an overflowing pot in the early spring [2].

    You may plant your divided plants in a peat-based potting mix and keep them in a room with moderate light and a temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Placing a heating pad beneath your newly potted Anthurium can also aid in the development of the roots. Last but not least, keep watering the soil until the roots start growing.

    flamingo lily plant benefits

    Boosting productivity

    Plants like Anthurium can even boost productivity. According to studies, workers surrounded by plants at work are 15% more productive as they are more emotionally, cognitively, and physically engaged in their jobs [3].

    Similarly, other studies indicate that spending time with plants improves people’s productivity and concentration. Employees are more accurate and create higher-quality work in environments with decorative plants like anthurium plants. Memory and concentration have been demonstrated to increase by 20% just by being outside in nature [4].

    anthurium flower

    Aesthetic appeal

    One of the main Anthurium plants benefits is its ornamental value. Anthurium plants have incredible visual value and give any place a tropical feeling. Their foliage is glossy and deep green all year long, with lovely, softly rounded borders.

    Anthurium has beautiful, vibrant spathes that bloom all year long. These waxy, heart-shaped blossoms add color and radiance to the space. Their erect yellow spadices grab the eye with a hint of drama and texture.

    beautiful red anthurium in hands

    Stress reduction

    Focus and memory can be enhanced by indoor plants like flamingo lilies, which bring a sense of calm from nature. Furthermore, having a houseplant at work can improve cognitive function and lessen fatigue.

    study found that having plants around your house or place of business can help you feel more natural, comfortable, and at ease. Therefore, having anthurium plants all over the house will help you feel less stressed and anxious, increasing your productivity.

    checking flamingo lily flowers

    Popular feng shui plant

    That’s not all benefits of Flamingo lily plants. Anthurium is a popular Feng Shui plant that draws good energy. In the home, putting an Anthurium plant in the Kun or southwest positions may bring good fortune and shield against ill fortune. An anthurium placed in the Kun position inside a room is said to improve health or serve as a disaster deterrent.

    Due to their red spathes, anthurium plants may also have some connections to financial prosperity. Red is frequently linked to luck and fortune. The yellow spadices of the plant could also symbolize success, money, and fortune [5].

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