Surprising Chinese Money Plant Benefits (Pilea Peperomioides)

9 Surprising Chinese Money Plant Benefits (Pilea Peperomioides)

The Chinese Money plant is a common houseplant thought to bring good fortune and money. This lovely plant has upright stems with lush, glossy and coin-shaped leaves. Due to its low maintenance requirements, air purification characteristics, ease of propagation, and luck symbolism, the Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides) has become a popular house plant. 

Due to the numerous advantages of the Chinese money plant, this article covers the most major Chinese Money plant benefits.

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    pilea peperomioides plant

    About the Chinese money plant

    Pilea peperomioides, often known as the pancake plant, Chinese money plant, coin plant, or UFO plant, is a well-liked houseplant because of its lovely coin-shaped leaf and simplicity of maintenance. This perennial flowering plant belongs to the nettle family (Urticaceae) and is indigenous to southern China. It can also be found growing wild along the foothills of the Himalayas.

    The coin plant is mostly planted for its distinctive leaf. Although Pilea peperomioides can produce tiny, white blooms throughout the spring, it does not frequently flower when grown indoors [1].

    Chinese money plant benefits

    The benefits of the Chinese money plant are truly limitless, but the following are the top benefits of Pilea peperomioides: 

    UFO plant - chinese money plant

    Air purification

    For the first time in the 1980s, NASA began to study different houseplants to provide evidence supporting the air purification qualities of plants.

    According to the NASA clean air study, certain indoor plants can aid in reducing airborne toxins called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene and formaldehyde. However, a variety of variables, including the plant’s size, the size of the indoor space, and the level of airborne pollutants, might affect a plant’s air purification capacity.

    Although the Chinese money plant was not included on NASA’s list of plants that filter the air, some sources claim that it has a purifying characteristic; thus, it is still highly possible that it also eliminates hazardous pollutants [2,3].

    Pilea Peperomioides plant benefits

    Low maintenance 

    One of the Chinese money plant benefits is that its maintenance is surprisingly simple. Your Pilea peperomioides plants will flourish if you simply provide them with good light, moderately frequent watering, and some light feeding during the spring and summer.

    Prosperity, wealth and luck symbolism

    The most common belief is that money plants can bring prosperity and luck to the homeowners who care for them. In fact, people believe that, the healthier the money plant, the more wealth and luck it will produce!

    It is thought that when you offer your friends a clipping from your Pilea peperomioides plant, you are giving them wealth and fortune. Those who get the clipping will be overjoyed by its easy growth and your kind gift.

    On the other hand, some lore claims that it is possible to produce a money plant using stolen plant cuttings from another homeowner. In this case, the thief will profit, while the previous owner will experience a financial loss.

    coin plant

    Easy propagation

    One of the main benefits of Chinese money plants is that they can be easily propagated. Some people call it a friendship plant. One of the explanations for this name is that a healthy Chinese money plant will develop a lot of offshoots that you can separate to make more plants and share them with friends. You will never need to purchase another pancake plant after owning one!

    Ornamental Value

    The Chinese money plant is a lovely addition to any environment. It has glossy, rounded leaves that perfectly float over the pot. It’s an excellent focal item for your home’s decor due to its vivid green color and distinctive cascading shape.

    It is also simple to combine this plant with other houseplants to make a stunning interior garden. That gives your living space more texture, life, and aesthetic appeal. This lovely houseplant’s satin leaf will add flair and peace to your home, whether in a pot or a hanging basket.

    Chinese plant benefits

    Stress reduction

    Anxiety and stress levels are reduced in spaces with plants like the Chinese money plant. This might benefit mental wellness. Studies have shown that looking at green foliage reduces tension and promotes relaxation.

    For instance, a student study revealed that students who attended classes containing plants experienced less tension and anxiety than those who did not. Similar to how seeing flowers makes people joyful, Even just staring at images of flowers has physiological consequences, lowering stress hormone levels and blood pressure.

    chinese money plant flowering

    Flowers of Chinese money plant

    The Perfect Gift

    Another Chinese money plant benefit is that it makes an excellent gift. You no longer need to worry about what to purchase for someone you care about. Buy Chinese money plants and gift them to your friends.

    As mentioned, Chinese money plants not only look beautiful and require little maintenance but also represent luck and fortune. In fact, giving someone a Chinese money plant conveys your hope for them to be prosperous and lucky.


    Indeed, radiation is absorbed by all plants. Our bodies also do this! Some people think that having a money plant close to an electronic device, like a Wi-Fi network or computer, will enable it to absorb dangerous radiations emitted by these devices. 

    Chinese money plants may be able to shield humans from the radiation from such gadgets, but there is no firm scientific evidence to support this claim.

    coin plant

    Safe for pets

    That is not all Chinese money plant benefits. A Chinese money plant is a wonderful option for pet owners who wish to add some greenery to their homes without endangering their animal’s health.

    According to ASPCA, in contrast to several other common houseplants, including the snake plant, devil’s ivy and ZZ plant, the Chinese money plant is not toxic to cats, dogs, and other common pets. 

    Even though they are classified as “non-toxic,” it is better to remember that some plants might produce a moderate stomach ache when consumed. Hence, even though your pet may be safe around this plant, you should constantly watch to ensure they are not chewing on the stems or leaves of the pancake plant.

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