10 Astonishing Schefflera Plant Benefits (Umbrella Plant)

10 Astonishing Schefflera Plant Benefits (Umbrella Plant)

The Schefflera plant, often known as the umbrella tree, is one of the most widely used indoor trees. Depending on the species, these plants can reach up to 10 feet indoors. In addition to their stunning beauty and size, schefflera plants have several wonderful uses and advantages. The most significant Schefflera plant benefits are covered in this article.

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    About Schefflera Plant

    The Schefflera plant’s elongated leaves give it an umbrella-like appearance. As a result, the term “Umbrella Tree” fits it visually. The Schefflera plant originates in Taiwan and South China and is just about one to six feet tall on average but has a maximum height of about 13 feet. Schefflera amate, Schefflera actinophylla, and Schefflera arboricola are three common Schefflera plant species. Australia-native Schefflera arboricola has bigger leaves than other species [1].

    Schefflera plants in garden

    Schefflera Plant Benefits

    Umbrella plant benefits are numerous, making the cultivation of this plant reasonably beneficial. The following are some of the most significant benefits of Schefflera plants: 

    Air Purification

    Oval, waxy, and robust leaves on Schefflera are shiny and almost surreal in appearance. The ability of these leaves to purify the air and freshen it naturally is arguably one of the most remarkable benefits of umbrella plants. Although these leaves naturally emit oxygen, they can also take in airborne pollutants. According to studies, Schefflera plants are particularly effective in absorbing benzene. 

    Schefflera plant near window purifying air

    Improving sleep quality

    Schefflera plants might also improve the quality of your sleep. While we sleep, these plants can assist in cleaning the air. However, houseplants may have more profound effects on our sleep habits.

    One Chinese study published in 2019 examined the possibility that houseplants might enhance astronauts’ sleep. The findings revealed that participants’ sleep quality improved whenever they saw or smelled a plant. Additionally, participants could fall asleep more quickly thanks to enhanced central nervous system regulation.

    Long life span

    If given the correct care, Schefflera plants can live for about 25 years. This makes umbrella trees one of the most durable indoor plants you can have.

    Keep up a regular watering and fertilizer regimen to help your umbrella tree last for a long time. Every two to three years, repot the plant to encourage growth and offer it bright, indirect sunshine. To guard against illnesses, grow the plant in soil that drains well, has sufficient nutrients, and has good airflow.

    watering  Schefflera plant

    Easy propagation

    Another Schefflera plant benefit is its ease of propagation. A Schefflera’s main stem cannot be divided, but cuttings from this plant can be effectively propagated. A growth node and a tiny portion of the big stem must be present in these cuttings.

    Simply take a new cutting from your parent plant and submerge it in a glass of water to propagate Schefflera. Set this glass of water with your cutting in a shaded location of your house. In the coming weeks, you will start to notice roots growing.

    Schefflera plant benefits

    Source: Nico Paix

    Stress reduction

    According to research published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, having house plants like Schefflera around your house or workplace can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

    Participants in the study had to choose between repotting a houseplant or finishing a quick computer assignment. The biological stress markers, including heart rate and blood pressure, were monitored after each task.

    Researchers discovered that indoor gardening activities reduced the participants’ stress reaction. Although the study participants were young men who were used to working on computers, the computer task increased heart rate and blood pressure.

    Researchers concluded that working with plants helped lessen stress on the physical and mental levels.

    umbrella plant in garden

    Aesthetic appeal

    One of the main benefits of umbrella plants is their sheer size and beautiful foliage. Even indoors, umbrella trees can grow to a height of up to 10 feet, while dwarf umbrella trees can grow to a height of 4 feet. Schefflera plants are perfect for covering a large area to give it a jungle-like impression.

    Green leaves grouped in clusters are another appealing benefit of Schefflera plants. These palmate compound clusters, which appear like outstretched hands, generate a lot of foliage. Due to their smaller size, dwarf umbrella trees (Schefflera arboricola) are even more acceptable indoors.

    Schefflera plant new leaf sprouting

    Source: jodage

    Enhancing focus and productivity

    Umbrella plants make excellent, eye-catching houseplants for office workers or college students. Being unable to concentrate while working or doing duties around the house is annoying. One of the umbrella plants’ benefits is that you can boost your focus and get over this predicament by bringing them indoors.

    This is because your room will feel calmer thanks to the natural Schefflera hue and exquisite foliage. When the environment is calm, you will be more productive and focused.

    Nice gift

    The umbrella plant can last for years and has gorgeous arched green branches. Any area can benefit from the graceful elegance of its lush foliage. This magnificent plant complements any room design, making it a wonderful present for anyone.

    umbrella plant with droplets

    Medicinal benefits

    The healing properties of Schefflera plants are another Schefflera Plant benefit. The Araliaceae family, which includes the 602 recognized species native to Asia, Africa, and the southwest Pacific region, is headed by the biggest genus, Schefflera. Several of these species are utilized in traditional medicine.

    According to studies, fourteen species were identified as traditional remedies in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia to treat rheumatism, pain, and trauma.

    Other species are used to treat various illnesses, including cancer, paralysis, diarrhea, respiratory infections, and liver issues.

    Good for Fengshui

    That is not all Schefflera plant benefits. The Schefflera family is well-liked in feng shui and has a long history associated with luck, money, and prosperity in China and Taiwan. Scheffler plants are believed to contain chi, or good energy, in their hand-shaped leaf fronds.

    umbrella plant benefits

    Good for patients

    Visiting a loved one in the hospital with magnificent plants like umbrella plants can be more than just a kind gesture. In fact, it might accelerate their recovery. Researchers have discovered that having plants in the room or even a window view of nature can help patients recover from surgery more quickly. They found out that In the presence of greenery, patients have better pain tolerance and require less drugs.

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