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best seeds for kids to grow indoors

In this article, we will look at some of the best seeds for kids to grow indoors. Modern life and the coronavirus pandemic have created conditions in which children are forced to spend most of their time at home. For this reason, it is particularly crucial for children to have access to activities that will maintain their physical and mental health while enhancing the development of their talents and abilities.

In addition to its engaging and enjoyable nature, children’s gardening has many benefits that we have covered in the article The Importance of Children’s Gardening. To undertake children gardening indoors, we need various tools such as flowerpots, sterilized soil, a watering can, and, most importantly, seeds.

Indoor gardening

The indoor environment has special conditions. The good thing about indoor gardening is that the ambient temperature is approximately 23-25 ° C (73-77 ° F), ideal for plant germination. We can plant and grow most of the plants indoors at such a temperature during all four seasons. On the other hand, this environment has deficiency of light which is a significant drawback. Because many apartments do not have sufficient light to grow plants, low-light houseplants may be useful. However, if we want to have children gardening at home, we must provide conditions so that we can also grow and cultivate other plants other than houseplants, leaving us with two potential solutions:

1) Use of grow lights

2) Select key seeds of plants that grow relatively well in the home environment and moderate light.

Because of the plethora of details surrounding grow lights, we do not cover it in this article. But in the following paragraphs, we will discuss how to choose an appropriate seed for indoor gardening.

How to choose seeds for kids to grow indoors 

It is important to note that seed adaptation to the home environment alone is insufficient for children’s gardening activities. To select a suitable seeds for kids, we must select seeds that meet the following conditions:

  1. Not toxic
  2. Have a high germination rate
  3. Preferably have a high growth rate.
  4. Be able to reach the final product at home.

Given the above, here are seven key seeds that can be suitable for indoor gardening.

Suitable key seeds for children’s gardening

Note: Some of the seeds introduced in this section do not germinate quickly but are recommended for children’s gardening due to their high growth rate or attractive flower or product.

Cress seeds

Cress seed is the first key seed on the list, and it is the one of the best seeds for kids to grow indoors. This plant has a high germination rate and usually germinates after one to two days. It has a reasonable growth rate and, most importantly, it is a vegetable. As a result, after the growth of this plant, children can eat its leaves and enjoy.

cress garden- the best seeds for kids to grow


Radish seeds

The second attractive key seed for kids indoor gardening is the radish seed. Like the Cress seed, this plant germinates very quickly in two days and has a reasonable growth rate. One of the advantages of radish seeds is that after the plant is fully grown in the soil, the radish root is formed, allowing children to eat it with food. The root of this plant is classified as a storage root and as a taproot. As a result, by planting this plant, topics such as taproots and storage roots can be explained to children.

radish seed as a key seed - florist kid


Tomato seeds

Tomatoes germinate slower than cress and radish seeds. This key seed usually takes six to nine days to germinate, but it has a relatively good growth rate after germination. Tomato leaves are not edible, so children should avoid eating them. The good thing about this plant is that if children take good care of it and fertilize it, they can indulge in its lovely, red tomatoes.

tomato seed for children gardening -florist kid


Sunflower seeds

Sunflowers are one of the most popular seeds among children. Its germination rate is between five to eight days, but its growth rate is extraordinary. After germination, it can double its height in one day. This seed is very popular among children because of its beautiful flowers and high growth rate. But it should be noted that after growing it in a small pot, it should be transferred to a larger pot and, finally, to the garden. Thus, if you do not have a large pot or garden, it would be best to avoid these kinds of seeds for kids.

sun flower seeds for kids to grow indoors


Nasturtium flower seeds

Nasturtium is a gorgeous flower for indoor gardening. This plant has a slow germination rate and should not be planted by children who are novices in gardening. If children use this key seed for their first plant and fail to grow it properly, they will lose confidence and grow frustrated. Its germination rate is between seven and twelve days. The beautiful thing about these plants is that their leaves and flowers are edible, allowing children to make salads with their leaves and flowers.

Nasturtium - youth gardening - florist kid


Mustard seeds

This plant has an excellent germination rate and germinates between two to four days. If it has been cared for well at home, its flowers will even bloom. The exciting thing about mustard is that it is a medicinal herb and, by planting it, we can teach children about the medicinal properties of plants.

Note: The germination rate of these seeds has been measured in a mixture of peat moss and perlite soil at room temperature. Soil type, ambient temperature, and the quality of the seed being used affect the germination rate of seeds. Be sure to prepare qualified key seeds so that you can achieve the desired results.

mustard seeds for kids

If you interested in key seeds for kids indoor gardening, you can purchase them from Amazon web site.

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