Astonishing Monstera Plant Benefits That Make Your Jaw Drop

Astonishing Monstera Plant Benefits That Make Your Jaw Drop

Monstera plants are renowned for their natural leaf holes. Due to this unique characteristic, they are also called Swiss Cheese Plant. They are great plants for novice plant owners and very well-liked indoor plants. 

Monstera plants are regarded for their enormous variety of uses and benefits. They are low-maintenance, quick-growing, and gorgeous. If you are interested in learning more about monstera plant benefits, continue reading this article to the end.

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    What are Monstera plants? 

    Monstera deliciosa is indigenous to the tropical forests of southern Mexico and Panama. It has been introduced to many tropical regions, and in Hawaii, Seychelles, Ascension Island, and the Society Islands. This pant is among mildly invasive species. Today, it is widely cultivated as a houseplant in temperate zones [1].

    Monstera plant is also known as thesplit-leaf philodendron.” Its glossy, heart-shaped leaves can occasionally be more than 40 cm wide. When they are young, they are white and pale yellow, but as they become older, they turn a darker green color. Long and powerful roots of this evergreen shrub cling to every nearby branch and trunk [2].

    Big holes in Monstera leaves allow air to travel through the leaves without tearing them. These leaf holes are called fenestrations [3].

    Its fruit, which has a taste of pineapple and banana and is rich in vitamin C, seldom grows at home. It is important to note that eating unripe Monstera fruit might poison you and harm your body.

    watering Swiss Cheese Plant

    How to care for the monstera plant?

    One of the main swiss cheese plant benefits is that this plant requires minimal care. This plant requires a large pot with compost and garden soil close to a stick to climb.

    The ideal growing conditions for Split Leaf Philodendron include a warm, humid climate with plenty of water and soft sunlight. Put your Monstera in an area with indirect light that ranges from moderate to bright.

    Even though the Monstera plant can tolerate low light levels, you may notice lanky growth as a result, so the optimum location is a few feet away from a window that faces the south, west, or east and provides brilliant indirect light.

    To promote its growth, the Swiss Cheese Plant needs organic fertilizer. If you keep it inside, it is best to change the pot yearly to make extra space for its roots.

    split-leaf philodendron

    Monstera plant benefits

    Swiss Cheese Plant benefits are numerous. Aside from its beautiful appearance, this plant offers various advantages far beyond aesthetic values.

    Swiss Cheese Plant has many benefits and can provide a range of advantages for your home and your health. Here are some of the most important Monstera plant benefits:

    Perfect air purifier

    According to NASA research on clean air, large-leafed philodendron plants—like the popular monstera plant are effective at lowering formaldehyde and benzene levels in the atmosphere.

    Furniture, carpeting, and cleaning supplies can emit formaldehyde, a common indoor contaminant. Another typical pollutant that can be found in paint fumes, car exhaust, and cigarette smoke is benzene.

    These pollutants have been connected to health issues like headaches, dizziness, and respiratory infections. Keeping air purifier plants like split-leaf philodendron indoors may make a healthier atmosphere for you and your family by lowering the concentrations of these pollutants in your house.

    clean air - monstera plant benefits

    Easy to propagate

    You can maximize the benefits of Monstera plants by propagating them. This plant can be propagated quite easily. Buying a Swiss Cheese plant may be a bit expensive, but you can multiple it in your home by simply propagating one you bought at first.

    The two most effective Monstera deliciosa plant propagation methods are stem cutting and air laying. In the stem cutting method, cuttings could be rooted in water to reproduce a new plant. This method is the simplest and most common propagation method for monstera plants. 

    monstera plant in jar of water

    Feng shui plant

    The Monstera deliciosa emits potent energy that is good for your home’s energy. This plant is a jack of all trades and can clean, guard, and charge your home with positive Chi (life Energy).

    The Funky Foliage Monstera signifies good fortune. Its enormous spherical leaves grow upward, drawing positive energies to your place and keeping them there while fending against negative ones. The Split Leaf Philodendron is yet another natural air filter with various air-purifying qualities on top of everything else [4].

    Swiss Cheese Plant

    Nutritious fruits

    A monstera plant can produce exotic-looking fruit with exquisite flavor. Its fruit, which resembles a cob of corn, has a flavor that is a cross between banana and pineapple. This fruit is nutrient-dense and has high levels of potassium and vitamin C.

    Monstera fruit can only be consumed when it is fully ripe. It will cause significant gastrointestinal distress and irritation of the mouth and stomach if you consume it unripe since it contains calcium oxalate crystals.

    Monstera plants are poisonous to dogs and cats as well as somewhat dangerous to humans. Calcium oxalate crystals are present in all regions of this plant. Oral irritation, soreness and swelling in the mouth, tongue, and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, and trouble swallowing are all signs of exposure to calcium oxalate crystals.

    However, it is worth mentioning that calcium oxalate is easily broken down by either entirely drying the plant or heating it until it is totally cooked; in both cases, it is safe to consume this plant [5 , 6].

    monstera fruits

    source: Forest and Kim Starr

    Medicinal properties

    The healing properties of the Swiss Cheese plant are among the most astounding Monstera Plant benefits. Many people in Mexico and Peru use the roots as a material for rope and basket weaving. Mexicans have been medicinally using infusions of the roots to treat arthritic pain. The roots are also being used in Martinique to treat snakebites.

    Brazilians heat the split-leaf philodendron leaves and mash them to cauterize wounds. Some parts of this plant are also being used in China to treat cough, bruises, infections, and fever [7].

    It is crucial to remember that you should not try any of these treatments or remedies on your own. Insoluble calcium oxalate crystals can severely irritate delicate tissues inside and outside the body. The response might make the skin puffy and irritated when handled without gloves.

    Monstera plants close up


    The waxy leaves and aerial root systems of epiphytic plants are unique features of monstera plants. Thanks to their special leaf characteristic, they can absorb humidity from the surrounding air.

    As a result, if you live in a high-humidity area, they are a great option for regulating the temperature and humidity of your home. They can also manage the moisture in your home if maintained in a bathroom with lots of filtered sunlight.

    Monstera in forest - monstera plant benefits

    source: Forest and Kim Starr

    Odor Elimination

    As mentioned, the Monstera plant can absorb toxins and moisture. So, it makes sense that they can also absorb scents. This occurs in two steps. The plant first absorbs scents and then lessens the amount of mold and mildew in the air.

    Your Monstera can be placed in a bathroom or kitchen to help lessen pet or culinary scents. Alternatively, placing one in your living room is a terrific way to experience the clean scent of nature.

    Aesthetically pleasing 

    Despite various Monstera plant benefits and uses, Monstera plants are most valued for their exquisite decorative appearance. The Monstera plant is also well-known for being a visually appealing houseplant because of its fenestrated leaves. In addition, they are a popular topic for paintings, ornaments, fabrics, and wallpaper used in fashion and interior design.

    modern-dining-room-with-monstera plant

    Stress reduction

    Any living plant, including Monstera plants, can help reduce stress levels. They can decrease physical stress responses like heart rate and blood pressure and improve overall mental and physical health.

    Noise reduction

    Thats not all benefits of swiss cheese plants. Plants with plenty of broad leaves, like swiss cheese, create great sound barriers since their leaf’s surface can absorb sound vibrations, reducing noise.

    This can make your house or workplace quieter and improve your ability to concentrate. The Monstera plant might be a terrific choice for you if you need some quiet time 


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