Incredible Syngonium Plant Benefits (Arrowhead Plant)

8 Incredible Syngonium Plant Benefits (Arrowhead Plant)

Syngonium podophyllum, commonly known as the Syngonium plant or Nephthytis plant, belongs to the Araceae family. Due to its typically variegated arrowhead-shaped leaves, this plant is also known as the arrowhead plant. Syngonium plants feature lovely patterns on their leaves and stems and come in various sizes and forms. They are excellent plants for indoor environments.

This indoor plant is an ideal choice if you want to have a houseplant that looks good, is simple to care for and offers many advantages. In this article we will go through some of the most important Syngonium Plant Benefits that may tempt you into growing one. 

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    arrowhead plant benefits

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    Syngonium characteristics and origins 

    This plant mainly grows in tropical and subtropical forests. Syngonium is a genus of the Arum family (Araceae) and originates from Central and South America. The evergreen Syngonium can grow long branches that either creep over the ground or climb trees. In rare situations, it can grow up to 20 meters long.

    Syngonium podophyllum is one of the most common houseplants. As a houseplant, Syngonium can reach a height of two meters. The Nephthytis cultivar’s foliage can be green, reddish, white, or even multicolored.

    The variety and age of the shoots determine the form of Arrowhead plant leaves. The adult plants’ shoots produce leaves of various shapes, including split, deeply indented, oval, elliptical, or arrow-shaped leaves. 

    As a houseplant, Syngonium rarely blooms, and like other members of the arum family, the Syngonium plant is poisonous [1].

    syngonium plant (Nephthytis plant)

    Syngonium Plant Benefits (Arrowhead Plant benefits)

    If you are looking for a Decorative indoor plant that can be kept anyplace, is simple to grow, simple to propagate, and looks lovely in your house, then definitely the Syngonium plant is the best choice for you. Aside from these basic features, there are some significant Syngonium plant benefits that might interest you. Below are a few of them.

    Amazing air purifier

    One of the most amazing Arrowhead Plant benefits is it’s air purifying ability. This plant has been endorsed as one of the top air purifiers by experts from NASA and other organizationsNephthytis can purify the air you breathe and eliminate the poisonous compounds in the air. Even unpredictable natural combinations like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene can be reduced in part by these plants. They also reduce airborne bacteria.

    kid planting a Syngonium Plant

    Low maintenance

    The fact that Nephthytis is a Low maintenance plant is one of the main Syngonium plant benefits. This tropical, slowly growing plant works well as a clipped or hanging plant.

    A bright environment with no direct sunlight and temperatures between 15 and 25°C are ideal for Arrowhead Plants. They undoubtedly add a hint of greenery to your interior design without requiring much maintenance. Syngonium are tough to kill and excellent for people who can’t take good care of live plants.

    Arrowhead in garden - Syngonium Plant Benefits

    source: Forest and Kim Starr

    Boosting the humidity level of air

    Arrowhead vines plants can assist raise the humidity levels in your home, lowering air dryness and facilitating easier breathing. This skill can benefit not just you but also other indoor houseplants in your house that require a greater humidity level.

    Syngonium has a transpiration rate of 7, which is why it is one of the best plants for boosting humidity levels. Therefore, having a few Syngonium plants around your home will be quite beneficial if you have a problem with the dry air in your home [2].

    Syngonium podophyllum

    source: Forest and Kim Starr

    An Excellent Feng Shui Plant

    Syngonium is a Feng Shui plant that provides good fortune, enhances your health and wealth, and creates a cozy and uplifting environment. 

    The five earthly elements—water, fire, earth, wood, and metal—all are present in the feng shui plants. Syngonium’s mature leaves have five lobes, which stand for the five elements of the earth.

    Syngonium Plant in watering can

    Perfect as a gift

    Another Arrowhead plant benefit is that this plant is an excellent choice to gift friends. There are numerous sizes and forms of arrowhead plants. Arrowhead miniature plants require little upkeep and can be moved around and used as tabletops, which makes them ideal plants to give as a gift.

    The color variations are another fantastic feature of this plant. For instance, the pink Syngonium plant is impressive and makes a precious gift. 

    Nice climbing plant

    Another unique Syngonium plant benefit is that it is an adaptable houseplant that can be trained to grow whichever you like.

    Try using a stake, trellis, or even a wall to encourage their growth. Their aerial roots, or tendrils, will stick to these objects, but you must tie older plants to their supports so that the new growth has time to stick to the stake.

    arrowhead plant

    Easy propagation

    Another fantastic benefit of Arrowhead plant is that it is very simple to propagate, so you can have several Syngonium plants in your house without buying new ones. Cut a piece of the plant, place it in the water jar for a while, and you will notice the cutting is rooting.

    Syngonium Plant in the glass of water

    Grows well in water

    Another interesting benefit of Syngonium plant is that it can be easily grown in water, just like bamboo plants. All you need is to find a beautiful container for this plant and refill it with fresh water twice a week to keep it healthy. Try elegant vases and clear jars; Syngonium’s delicate stems and arrow-shaped green leaves look stunning in such containers.

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