Benefits Of School Gardens For Kids

Benefits Of School Gardens For Kids

Nowadays, it is becoming more challenging for children to leave the house. They are not to be criticized for preferring to stay at home and play video games. As adults, we must show them how meditative nature is. We must reveal to them the benefits of nature and plants for their physical and mental health. We can do this task via an excellent simple solution: a school garden. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of school gardens.

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    What Is A School Garden?

     School garden is a type of class that is not held in a classroom. It means that the education in this system is not bounded inside a room. Instead, students can go outside in nature and use their hands to grow plants and learn natural phenomena and other subjects like the water cycle, where it happens in nature. Study shows that children are curious to know more at their early age and prefer to get involved in the process of learning. Therefore, it is not appropriate to force them to learn everything from books when they can go out and experience it firsthand. Benefits of school gardens

    Always remember that nature is not somewhere far, far away where dire wolves kill grandmoms. Think about the word “outdoor” that is where nature can be, Right out of the door, in your Garden. You can even invite it home by taking care of plants, but if you are not an expert in taking care of plants and still want to allow your children to experience this remarkable feeling, welcome to the school garden! We guarantee that your children will enjoy every moment of it.

    benefits of school gardens for kids gardening

    Is School Garden A New Phenomenon? 

    Of course not; school gardens had a significant part in the early twentieth century in the United States. Brian Trelstad, the environment historian, claims that: “school gardens were built in hundreds of cities and manufacturing towns in the first two decades of the twentieth century.” These schools were primarily designed to green the industrial cities.

    What Are The Benefits Of School Gardens?

    We do not need to establish a school garden separately. We can have a school garden in our school. In this way, besides having a modern garden school, we can keep our traditional school. In the following paragraph, we will discuss the benefits of school gardens inside the schoolyards.

    Great Use Of School Yard

    First of all, starting a school garden in your school is not expensive. You might be worried because it feels like a big deal. You might need a garden the size of Amazon jungles to grow plants that are hard to take care of them. Stop right there! You don’t need any of it to start a school garden. You can start from the tiny yard you already have and grow plants that are easy to take care of them. 

    nature and kids

    Raising The Popularity Of  Your School

    When you build a school garden in the schoolyard, the whole school feels like a diverse place for learners, and it will be easier for parents to trust you with their children. They see that you are concerned both with the beauty of the place and how students are educated. In your schoolyard, there is no graffiti; instead, they see flowers and plants everywhere as they enter. Parents will know that their children are in good hands.

    Calmer Students

    It is always a challenging task to calm young students so that they can focus on their studies, but when you have a school garden for them to enjoy, then they have someplace to get rid of all that energy, and at the same time, they are learning so the energy is not wasted.

    benefits of school gardens for children


    Have you ever been in this situation when you give a task to your students and ask them to work on it in a group or pairs? If your answer is yes, you are probably familiar with the desperation that comes after it. It is chaos! Students start fighting and throwing things and, lastly, start crying. Let us tell you a secret; you cannot teach them teamwork in a class while they are holding their books. Teamwork is achieved through problem-solving. It is a real-life skill and is mainly learned in a real-life experience like games. In the school garden, you can ask your students to work in groups and take care of the plants, and soon you will realize that they get used to working together pretty fast.

    children gardening in school gardens

    Different Types Of Learners

    As you already know, different people have different types of learning. Some of us learn new things primarily by seeing them. We are visual learners. Some others might learn better when they hear new things. If you use the school garden and target different learners, then some of your students who might be non-readers will be able to learn through other ways.

      “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” Albert Einstein

    Other Benefits Of School Gardens For Children?

    We have already mentioned a few of the benefits of school gardens for children, but still, we can add a few more points:

    Discharge Of Children’s Energy

    We talked about the fact that children have a different amount of energy than adults, so we might be out of energy to play with them at home. As a result, they cannot so they can use this energy, but if they have this opportunity to use it in their school, then when they come back home, they are calmer.

    Better Job Opportunities

    Yes, you read it correctly. If your children figure out their learning style from an early age, it will be easier for them to choose their future path and become successful and, more importantly, happier people. Do not ask a fish to climb a tree. It prefers to swim, and that is why it is good at it!

    benefits of school gardens

    Passion For Learning

    When your children like the atmosphere of their school, they will be motivated to come back to school every day and try their best to achieve higher grades. Playing in the Garden and gardening is a game for children. It is not like a boring class, after all. That is why they will like the process of learning in the school.


    The calming effect of nature is common knowledge, but not all of us have the opportunity to take care of plants in our home or to have a garden. In this article, we listed eight benefits of school gardens for children. Studies show that children get the most out of their education when they get involved in school gardens. Therefore, school gardens combine the calming effect of nature and its impact on the process of learning and make school not a burden but a sanctuary for your children.

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