What Are Plantable Pencils(+History & Benefits)

What Are Plantable Pencils(+History & Benefits)

Each of us has needed a pencil at any age and under any circumstances from kindergarten until today. The pencil-making cycle has taken a cruel path for nature to this day. Cutting down trees, putting graphite kernels in wood, and throwing away the unusable ends of pencils are just part of the cruel path. However, this cycle has changed today with the production of plantable pencils, also referred to as seed pencils, as a result of employing human creativity.

The benefits of plantable pencils are so numerous. One of their benefits is that They can be used today as green promotional gifts. Such promotional gifts are hoped to prevent the continuation of this cruel path for nature. 

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     plantable pencils and seed pencils

    What is a Seed Pencil?

    Seed pencil is a pencil with a capsule containing a seed at the end. After being used and shortened, these pencils are placed in the soil from the back and irrigated. The plant then emerges from the end of the pencil. Is not this great? It is wonderful to know that some plantable pencils are made of newspaper or biodegradable materials other than wood.

    To understand what a serious and significant phenomenon we are talking about, consider that 3.5 billion pencils are produced annually in the United States. This figure is about 15 to 20 billion pencils for the whole world. Nowadays, more than 60,000 trees are cut down, directly and indirectly, each year to make pencils.

    plantable basil pencil

    The Story Of Plantable Pencils In Denmark

    The relationship between pencil and nature was decided to be changed by a startup founded in Denmark by Michael Stausholm. The idea of this startup had to have both economic and environmental aspects.

    Accordingly, the idea of a plantable or seed pencil was chosen. This was because, economically, it was a product with no expiration date. It also had great power in marketing. For the first time, the Danish company included 14 seeds in wooden pencils and offered them to the world market in different packages called sprout seed pencils. benefits of plantable pencils

    sprout seed pencil

    Plantable Pencils In The World

    After Sprout started producing seed pencils, various plantable pencils were produced worldwide that differed from sprout pencils. The first difference is in the type of capsule used to produce the pencils. Opaque capsules are used in the production of sprout pencils so that the seeds in the capsule can not be seen.

    Today, however, seed pencils are produced whose end capsule is transparent, and the seeds can be easily seen. This helps children see and compare seeds up close and become familiar with the seeds of different plants.

    seed pencils and colored stones

    Another difference is the number of seeds and the contents of the capsule. In sprout pencils, the suitable seeds and sterile soil are placed in the gelatinous chamber at the end of the pencil. However, in some modern seed pencils, the soil is removed, and the chances of germination are increased by placing more seeds in the end capsule of the pencil. The third and most crucial difference lies in the material of the pencil body.

    Sprout pencils are made of wood, while some other biodegradable pencils with seeds are made of newspaper or environmentally friendly minerals/polymer. The advantage of these kinds of pencils is that the use of wood is minimized, and the destruction of forests and the environment will be reduced in the near future.

    seed pencil in kids hands

    Why Seed Pencils For Children?

    A plantable pencil is a beautiful gardening gift for children that can encourage them to do kids’ gardening activities. The seeds of edible plants such as cress, radish, basil, and clover are placed at the end of some pencils. These seeds sprout quickly. Their sprouts are edible. Once the seed pencil has been used and trimmed by the child, he or she can insert the pencil into the soil from the end where the capsule is placed and then irrigate it.

    After irrigating the plantable pencil, its end capsule disappears into the soil, and the seeds enter the soil. The seeds begin to sprout after a few days, and the child can eat them. Eating plants planted by children teaches them to use more vegetables and fruits in daily life in addition to being beneficial for them due to having different types of nutrients.

    plantable pencils with sprouts

    Benefits Of Plantable Pencils

    As mentioned before, the benefits of plantable pencils are numerous. This small, nice tool can be used on different occasions for different purposes. we can summarize the benefits of plantable pencils as below:

      1. it is a beautiful gardening gift that has a reasonable price
      2. it teaches kids how to plant and grow seeds
      3. it helps children to learn to be patient in their life
      4. paper-made seed pencils help the reduction of cutting trees in the world
      5. it encourages children to eat fruits and vegetables instead of fast foods

    benefits of plantable pencils    

    How To Use Plantable Pencils

    Prepare a pot first. Then, prepare sterile soil with high water absorption, such as peat moss, coco peat, bed soil, or a combination of these. Once your plantable pencil is shortened, plant it diagonally and obliquely in the soil from the end where the capsule is embedded. Immerse the pencil in the soil for a maximum of 1 cm. Then water it. The soil should always be moist so that the seeds sprout better. Re-irrigate the soil if it dries. After the seeds sprout, place them in front of the sun to grow. Do not forget to empty the water under the pot after each watering. 

    Plantable Pencils As Green Promotional Gifts

    Promotional gifts are vital in marketing science today. Companies try to stay in touch with their customers and take steps to make them loyal and create a beautiful and pleasant feeling for them by offering green, creative, and lasting gifts. Green living and environmental protection are among the issues that are of great importance in the world today.

    Given global warming and damage to the planet due to factory activities, humans are trying to change their lifestyle and turn to a green life. Since this is a pervasive issue, companies try to match their promotional gifts with it. Accordingly, today, companies choose green promotional gifts among all promotional gifts as an appropriate tool to create a sense of customer satisfaction. Among the green promotional gifts, the seed pencil is an attractive and inexpensive option for adults and children.

    If you are interested in a seed pencil and want to buy it as a gift for your child, you can click on the link below and buy a beautiful plantable pencil from  Amazon web site.

    If you have any experience regarding plantable pencils, please share your experiences and views in the comments section below.

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