grow your own cress kit

Grow Your Own Cress Kit

Today, children’s gardening has gained a special place in the world. This has led to the design and production of a wide range of children’s gardening kits. One of the most popular kits is the garden cress growing kit. This article will discuss why you should use gardening kits and how to grow your own cress kit indoors.

cress sprouts germination

garden cress sprouts

What is a kid’s Gardening Kit?

A kid’s gardening kit is a set of tools and equipment that kids need to do gardening indoors or outdoors. With these kits, families no longer need to buy extra equipment and their children can easily grow their own plants indoors. These kits typically include plant seeds, pots, hygienic soil, and a planting guide. In addition to these four items, some have other accessories such as a trowel, watering can, naming sticker, tablecloth, ruler, and decorative gravel inside their package.

Gardening kits make for excellent educational toys, as they can develop various skills and abilities within children who use them. Families can watch their children flourish while experimenting with these kits. Studies reveal that using such products keep children away from computers and tablets and orient their interest towards fruits and vegetables.

grow your own cress kit in pot

Why garden cress kit and seeds?

The garden cress seed has a special place in children’s gardening, which is why many children’s gardening kits contain this seed. The popularity of the the garden cress growing kits is due to garden cress characteristics, some of which are mentioned below:grow your own cress kit

  • It Has high germination rate

Germination rate is one of the most critical parameters in selecting  key seeds for kids. The cress seed can germinate in less than two days, which is a very high germination rate. Children are not known for their patience and thus cannot wait long to see the result of their efforts. That is one reason why planting cress seeds is very enjoyable for them.

  • It has a rapid growth rate

After the garden cress seeds germinate, the plant will grow at a reasonable pace, which can be exciting for children. In contrast, the basil plant has a slow growth rate and grows slowly.

  • It is edible

This plant is a vegetable and is edible. It can even be used as a microgreen, meaning that children do not need to wait long to use it. They can use cress in the form of a microgreen after 10 to 14 days.

  • Easy breeding

 Garden cress is easy to keep indoors. With just a little sunlight or a few growing lamps along with a bit of fertilizer and water, this plant can easily be grown indoors.

grow your own cress kit as a cress microgreen

garden cress microgreens

How to grow your own cress kit

In general, if you want to know how to grow your own cress kits, you should read the guidelines available inside your cress growing kit packageThe growing procedure may be slightly different depending on the type of seeds or accessories available in each gardening kit, though there are some general principles for planting seeds indoors that we have explained in the <<How To Plant The Seeds Indoor With Kids>>article. By following the directions outlined in this article, you can easily grow your own cress seeds indoors.

How to choose a suitable cress growing kit

The variety of kids gardening kits available in stores and on the Internet is very diverse. To choose a suitable garden cress growing kit, you must first determine your budget and needs in order to select the right gardening kit for your children. Here are some tips to help you choose an appropriate gardening kit:

  • First, consider the budget you have set for this work and filter the products in online stores such as Amazon accordingly. If this is the first time you are buying a gardening kit for your child and do not have any gardening tools at home, try to get a full pack in accordance with your budget. A full package is a set that includes a trowel and a watering can. If you are unable to find such a kit, order these two components separately.
  • A vital component of any gardening kit is its seeds. Try to get the desired kit from reputable brands so that the seeds inside them are healthy. It would also be better to check the production date of the kit before purchasing it. Remember, if the seeds are old and unhealthy, all of your children’s efforts will go to waste.
  • Another important component of the gardening kit is its soil. Be sure to check the type of soil in the kit prior to purchase. It is preferable to prepare a kit that contains sterile soil. Read the article  Best Kids Gardening Soil For Indoor to familiarize yourself with the different types of soils suitable for children.
  • When choosing a gardening kit, also pay attention to their pots. Tiny pots are not practical and will not work well. A suitable pot should be about 6 to 8 cm in diameter and in height.

      Note: If the pots in the kits are made of plastic, make sure they have holes at the bottom. If there is no hole, drill some holes yourself, so that excess water comes.

  • Finally, if you do not like the kits available on the market, you can make a cress gardening kit by yourself or even have your children assemble one. All you need to do is buy each component separately and put your own cress kit together.

 garden cress seeds in the cress growing kit.

cress seeds

If you interested in buying cress growing kit, you can purchase them from Amazon web site.

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  1. Cress is an excellent way to get kids interested in gardening. In my opinion, the flavor is too strong for children. I don’t think most youngsters will like it.
    It’s best to stick to milder, easier-to-grow kinds. Broccoli, sunflower, and pea shoots

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