Growing Lemon Balm Microgreens As A Medicinal Micro Herb

Lemon balm is a perennial herb of the mint family native to Iran, south-central Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Central Asia. Lemon balm microgreens have wrinkled, oval-shaped leaves with a crisp lemony scent, tempting many home chefs to add them to salads, soups, and other dishes. Lemon balm has a long and glorious therapeutic history. Its essential […]

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grow your own cress kit

Grow Your Own Cress Kit

Today, children’s gardening has gained a special place in the world. This has led to the design and production of a wide range of children’s gardening kits. One of the most popular kits is the garden cress growing kit. This article will discuss why you should use gardening kits and how to grow your own

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Container Gardening For Kids

container gardening for Kids

Children today find it challenging to engage in outdoor gardening and farming because they live in apartments or other urban settings. Due to these limitations, we need to do indoor gardening and farming easily accessible activities for children. In this regard, the best option to use container gardening for kids gardening activities. Container gardening can

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flower seeds to start indoors

Four Best Flower Seeds To Start Indoors

Modern life entails radically different living conditions from the past. As a result of accelerating urbanization, green spaces have increasingly been replaced with concrete and steel. The digital revolution and the spread of diseases such as the coronavirus have resulted in a situation in which people spend most of their time indoors; consequently, creating and

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choose the best fertilizers for Indoor Plants

Best Fertilizers For Indoor Plants

This article will go through the various types of fertilizer to find the best fertilizers for indoor plants and also best kid-safe fertilizers. Before getting our hands dirty, it’s essential that we understand what fertilizer is? Fertilizer is a substance added to soil to provide sustenance for plants, whether natural or synthetic. Plants, like humans,

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garden safety for kids

Garden Safety For Kids

Compared to the great outdoors, the garden represents a relatively safe haven for children. There are a few things that you can do to guarantee garden safety for kids in family gardens and lessen the risks of accidents. You could make outdoor gardening and playing outdoors safe just by some simple, easy-to-follow gardening safety tips

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growing microgreens with kids at home

Growing Microgreens With Kids At Home

Many foods are typically cultivated outside, but they may also be grown indoors for pleasure. However, a few “plants” are well-suited to an indoor growing environment. Growing microgreens, herbs, sprouted grains, and some edible flowers is possible inside, and They will grow far better indoors than in a garden. These plants are frequently picked at

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