How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig +watering tips

How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig? + Watering Tips

Fiddle Leaf Fig Benefits are numerous. However, to take advantage of these benefits, you must carefully care for this plant and keep it healthy. One of the key factors in successfully nurturing this plant is following a correct watering regimen. The frequency of watering a fiddle leaf fig tree (Ficus lyrata) depends on various factors, such as the plant size, Pot size, environmental conditions, and the time of year.

Due to the importance of this subject, this article will provide a comprehensive guide on how often to water Fiddle Leaf Fig plants and other important watering tips.

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    How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Factors Affecting Fiddle Leaf Fig Watering Schedule

    Factors like humidity levels, temperature, pot size, potting mix, and climate can affect how quickly the soil dries out. So, you should pay attention to these factors to ensure the proper growth of your plant. To determine the exact timing of watering, it is recommended to check the following factors:

    Pot Size

    The pot size affects how quickly the soil dries out. Small fiddle leaf figs in smaller pots will generally require more frequent watering than larger plants in bigger pots.


    The frequency of watering may need to be adjusted during different seasons. The plant requires more frequent watering in warmer months due to increased evaporation. When growth slows down in colder months, reduce the watering frequency to avoid over-saturation.

    Fiddle Leaf Fig in pot

    Potting Mix 

    The type of potting mix you use also has an impact on how frequently you should water your fiddle leaf fig plant. It is advised to choose a well-draining potting mix specifically formulated for Fiddle Leaf Fig or tropical plants. This type of soil allows excess water to drain out properly, preventing the risk of waterlogged roots.

    Humidity and Temperature

    When fiddle leaf fig is grown in high humidity, it requires less water than in dry conditions. Therefore, a Ficus lyrata growing in hot, dry settings will need far more water than one growing in cold, humid conditions.

    Plant Size

    Younger and smaller fiddle leaf figs require less water than older, larger specimens. As your plant grows, you may need to adjust the amount and frequency of watering accordingly.

    fiddle leaf fig in house

    How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig

    For optimal maintenance of a fiddle leaf fig, you should allow the soil to dry out completely before watering. The plant prefers the soil to be somewhat dry between watering cycles, but you should avoid letting the soil become excessively dry, as it may cause damage to the leaves.

    Generally, you should water your fiddle leaf fig once a week or whenever the soil becomes slightly dry.

    How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig In Winter

    In winter, the fiddle leaf fig enters a dormant period, and its water requirements decrease. You’ll generally need to water your fiddle leaf fig less frequently, about once every 10-14 days, or when the top few inches of soil are dry. It’s essential to adjust your watering schedule based on the specific needs of your plant and the conditions in your home.

    cleaning the leaves of Fiddle Leaf Fig

    How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig In Summer

    In the summer, you can water fiddle leaf fig once every 5- 7 days. However, it is advised to check that the soil has dried out to a depth of a few centimeters before watering again. 

    Fiddle Leaf Fig Watering Tips

    Water Characteristics

    When watering your fiddle leaf fig, provide enough water to moisten the soil thoroughly. Water should seep through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Avoid using excessive amounts of water as it can lead to waterlogged soil.

    It’s best to use water that is at room temperature. Avoid using too cold or hot water, as extreme temperatures can shock the plant’s roots.

    Ficus lyrata in living room

    Observe the leaves

    Keep an eye on the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig, as they can provide clues about its watering needs. If the leaves start to look droopy, it indicates that the plant is thirsty and needs water. However, if the leaves start turning yellow or brown and feel mushy, it may indicate overwatering.

    Avoid Overwatering

    Before watering, press your finger into the soil. If the soil feels dry to the touch, it indicates watering needs. If you find it challenging to gauge the moisture content of the soil accurately, consider using a moisture meter. These handy devices can help you determine when it’s time to water by measuring the moisture level deep within the soil.

    Ficus lyrata watering tips

    Consider The Humidity Levels

    Fiddle leaf figs prefer a moderately humid environment. Increasing the humidity around the plant can help prevent the leaves from drying out. You can mist the leaves with water or place a tray filled with water near the plant to enhance moisture in the air.

    Observe The Plant’s Response

    Pay attention to how your fiddle leaf fig reacts after watering. Healthy leaves should appear vibrant and upright. If the leaves start to droop or turn yellow, it may indicate overwatering. Very dry and crispy leaves could indicate underwatering.

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